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Planning Drawings

Planning drawings (or Combined Drawings for projects such as garages) are included as standard where necessary.

Building Regulation Drawings

3. Would you like us to submit the drawings to your local planning authority/building control?

We do not charge for submission but there are external fees that have to paid as part of this process.

4. Do you need any Beam Calculations?

In order to help establish this, please answer the following:

4a. Are you removing any walls?

Are you needing to remove any sections of internal or external walls to achieve you’re desired design:

4b. Are any of the Walls Load Bearing?

Is at least one of the walls you wish to remove load bearing:

4c. How many Load Bearing Walls are being removed?

If the answer is no, you can move on to the next section.

5. Do you need us to send Party Wall Notices on your behalf?

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